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Want your business to succeed? Silly question, right? Well, here's a brilliant strategy from the TV show, The Profit. It's called the C4 Code:
1) commitment,
2) congruency (do what you say),
3) confidence, and
4) communication.
Master these and you will achieve the success you're looking for.
For about the price of a premium automobile you can gain your independence for a lifetime. Build a home and/or addition suited for ease of access and independent living. Refer to the illustration and text for an idea of the many options available. Or call  (571)332-5754 and tell them CAP sent you.
Home renovations, additions, modifications to accommodate multigenerational living, ease of access compliance... renovate an old outbuilding, barn, or garage for use as an Air BNB rental! Whatever the purpose for your new home or addition, give us a call today.
Feeling as though your business and your client base are like 2 ships passing in the night? Good business strategy is paramount. The top 3 priorities are, as follows: 1) People, 2) Process, and 
3) Product. 
Get these straight and your business will succeed. Call CAP Enterprises if you need help.
You want your project done right and built to last, but you also want a company that works WITH you and seeks to represent YOUR dream and vision. Work with an artist and not just an artisan. Çall on CAP Enterprises and experience the difference today.
Exponential technologies could replace many human occupations in the near future. Are you ready? To be sure, human beings will still be in great demand. Let CAP Enterprises revolutionize your home or business with the latest in robotics, automation and technology.
There are 3 basic types of marketing: 
1) Mass,
2) Target, and
3) Commercial.
CAP Enterprises employs all 3 with great innovative success. In fact, we were recently featured in Forbes Magazine. See the link on our home page to read all about it.
Once there was a freezing man who called all over for someone to fix his heater. Finally he found someone who fixed it in 5 minutes. "That'll be $500," he said. "$500 FOR 5 MINUTES?!"   the man exclaimed. 
"Yep, I'm charging you $5 for turning the screw and $495 for knowing what screw to turn.
Call CAP Enterprises for your new home or renovated space today. We also build ease of access, luxury homes, for the mobility-challenged, and a variety of custom-made, sustainable, environmentally-sound homes with the latest in automation and technology, also available with reduced carbon footprint.