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CAP also provides quality creative and artistic entertainment for your party or event. Whatever the occasion, caricatures give your attendees a delightful, framable keepsake to remember your party by. We can also work from live models or photographs in our studio or on location.
Who is Jamie Winkler? Founder of CAP Enterprises. He's an artist, performer, a serial entrepreneur... he has even been seen in America's Most Wanted, Discovery Channel, and many other small and large screen productions.
James Winkler has been seen in America's Most Wanted (as an innocent bystander!) and on Discovery Channel's Movie of the Week. He has also performed at Carnegie Hall, on and off Broadway. He and his company, CAP Enterprises, has even been featured in Forbes Magazine. Read all about it in About-Us.
At CAP Enterprises our constant goal is to apply innovative approach, fair and reasonable trade practice, and uncompromising integrity, to everything we do.

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