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​Whatever your creative vision, make us part of your mission. If style is the theme, we're on your team. 
Providing our clients with the highest quality services available, we adhere to the principles of fair and reasonable trade practice in every business endeavor. Our success is the result of the application of a time-honored tradition where a handshake means more than a contract, your word is your bond, your name is as good as your integrity, and community is priority numero uno.
When it comes to Art, Washington DC is an untapped reservoir of indigenous talent. We can pull it all together for you. We speak fluent art, in fact, we speak corporate, commercial, entertainment art. Every type of art imaginable...
All facets of production, procurement, fulfillment, integration, professional state of the art media, remote or in-studio. Video-documentary, presentations, etc.
Whether it's a new venture, a grand slam event, a major production, a trip around the world that requires personal attention, consultation, or public relations, give us a call. Trust CAP Enterprises to do it. We solve problems...
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