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Who is James A. Winkler (AKA Jamie) Founder of CAP Enterprises. He's an artist, performer, a serial entrepreneur... he has even been seen in America's Most Wanted, Discovery Channel, and many other small and large screen productions.
From concept to creation CAP will help make it happen. We help bring together the right resources to facilitate your vision. Whether it be prototype, experimental design, artist concept drawings, event coordinating, marketing strategy, or quality consultation, we're only a call away.
James Winkler has been seen in America's Most Wanted (as an innocent bystander!) and on Discovery Channel's Movie of the Week. He has also performed at Carnegie Hall, on and off Broadway. He and his company, CAP Enterprises, has even been featured in Forbes Magazine. Read all about it in About-Us.
With a background that combines renovation and expertise in public relations and concept development, CAP founder, James Winkler, helps professional clients like Care Suites of America evaluate their options in this promising, pro-growth economy. Visit to learn more...
If you’re looking for high quality, world class service, you’ve come to the right place. 
At CAP Enterprises our goal is to keep you coming back for more.

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