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Who is James A. Winkler (AKA Jamie) He's an artist, PR marketing agent, comedic performer, singer, handyman, a serial entrepreneur, he has even been seen in America's Most Wanted and many other small screen and some large screen productions.
From concept to creation CAP will help make it happen. We help bring together the right resources to facilitate your vision. Whether it be prototype, experimental design, artist concept drawings, event coordinating, marketing strategy, or quality consultation, we're only a call away.
James Winkler has been seen in America's Most Wanted (as an innocent bystander!) and on Discovery Channel's Movie of the Week. He has also performed at Carnegie Hall, on and off Broadway. He and his company, CAP Enterprises, has even been featured in Forbes Magazine. Read all about it in About-Us.
With a background that combines renovation and expertise in public relations and concept development, CAP founder, James Winkler, helps professional clients like Care Suites of America evaluate their options in this promising, pro-growth economy. Visit to learn more...
If you’re looking for high quality, world class service, you’ve come to the right place. 
At CAP Enterprises our goal is to keep you roaring and soaring back for more!

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Welcome to the Roaring, Soaring, Twenties...
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We are entering into an entirely new era. A time of great prosperity, innovation, new inventions, and exponential technologies. Free water and energy seemingly generated out of thin air, unlimited potential for new advances in medicine, technology, engineering and ingenuity. This is what happens when people are freed from oppressive taxes, regulations, and big government overreach. What has been falsely labeled as "trickle down economics" should actually be called: "supply side economics." What that means, very simply, is this: if you have a product that people want your services will be in demand. Notice, I said "want" not necessarily just need. A good example of this was the iPhone. Nobody wanted a smartphone back in the 1990s. Why? Because there wasn't any such thing as a smartphone. But Steve Jobs came along and invented a device that combined multi-applicational computer capabilities with mobile communication needs and created a culture that had to have this device.

What is coming is similar to the great revolutions of the past. Think: the steam engine, the automobile, The Industrial Revolution, the television, the rocket ship, orbital mechanics, solid state electronics... What is coming is every bit as revolutionary as any of these, or possibly even all of these combined!
At this very moment, incredible breakthrough milestones are occurring in such fields as cold fusion, hydrogen power generation, bio-molecular and biochemical engineering, robotics, nanotechnology, and the like, that will change our world for everyone forever. This is what happens when the constraints of big government are limited. Creativity comes from a free people whose inalienable rights are protected by a constitutional republic. The Creator God, not government, has endowed all men (and women) with these basic human rights. These rights are clearly defined in the Bill of Rights of the American constitution, and I repeat, they are God-given, not government bequeathed upon us, as such they must be protected.
This is why we must limit government every chance we get and not give it the right to decide for us what we can or cannot say, do, possess, where we live, or what we want to enjoy out of life, except when and where it may be dangerous to others or the public domain.
Looking into the very near future (within the next ten to twenty years), one may reasonably expect to see such innovations. Incredible inventions, such as the following: individual flight (cars that fly like drones) with autopilot systems, radar activated collision avoidance, identification friend or foe (IFF) type systems with surround surveillance of other flight vehicles in close proximity, personal hydrogen generators for home power independence (not connected any electrical grid), light speed communication (zero latency), three dimensional fabrication of most anything, beautiful new cities and homes built right into the geographical landscape or even over or under the water. 
Due to advances in home technology living will be possible just about anywhere on earth. Great strides will be made in transportation allowing for ease of mobility. Personal submarine travel will be commonplace opening up vast new opportunities for oceanography and exploration. 

Yes, the world as we know it is about to change radically in the next few decades. We have now entered into what many call a time of reprieve. How expansive this window of grace is will depend on how we use it. Who can really know what the future holds? We know that the patent office almost closed down in the early part of the 20th Century because the general view at the time was that there were no more inventions possible. After all, they had the iron horse (the locomotive), the steam engine, the telegraph, etc. "What else could possibly be invented after that?" many reasoned. Little did they know all that was just ahead on the timeline of discovery. Most of our greatest technological triumphs were yet to be. There's always hope for the future, as long as our creativity is not squelched by corruption, tyranny, oppression, and greed. There's always hope as long as men and women are free to envision The American Dream.