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This is a photo of one of our additions while still in-work. It's a studio apartment with a rooftop deck added onto a house in Manassas, VA. Just look at the fine craftsmanship in the compound angles on each roof truss. View more in the video at the bottom of our Services page.
This project has a special place near and dear to our heart. One of our favorite clients, Daria Finley, woke one day to find she was totally blind. Now she does a "one woman show" where she tells her story with humor, grace, passion and grit. For more information go to
This is a photo of the caricature by our artist, Jamie Winkler, while it was still on the drawing board. Daria Finley will be performing her "one woman show" this month at Theater on the Run. She and her amazing story are already on tour all over the world. Visit to reserve your seat!
From concept to creation CAP will help make it happen. We bring together the right production-construction team to the table to enable advancing your dreams to reality. Commercial & Residential builds, prototypes, experimental designs, artist concept drawings, architectural models...
If you’re looking for high quality products and professional service, you’ve come to the right place. 
At CAP Enterprises our goal is to keep you coming back for more.

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Specializing in building and interior/exterior renovations...
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